A Trip to the Dentist

Nothing makes a grown man cry quite like the thought of dental surgery; except maybe a kick to the baby maker. And it doesn’t really help when you are sitting in the waiting area and you hear all sorts of drilling sounds. Then they take you to the room, with the fancy chair and all sorts or “torture instruments”.  And you are waiting and waiting… and you can’t help but look around. And then you see some instrument that scares the hell out of you. Well it happened to me.

I hate going to the dentist and only do so when there is no other alternative. So when the pain became unbearable and eating became difficult, I had to go. There I was sitting on the special chair waiting for the dentist and what do I see. A small box like thing with wires protruding and a nasty looking metal thingy sitting smugly in its holster. but that wasn’t shocking. what was shocking was the name written on the box… ready for it. Woodpecker. Yeah that’s right Woodpecker. apparently there is company by the name of Woodpecker Medical Instruments. What kind of an idiot names a dental instrument woodpecker or puts that name in such bold letters. They really didn’t go to the dentist or they don’t really know what exactly a woodpecker does.

Imagine sitting in the chair and the dentist sees you mouth and says, “Yeah I am afraid we have to use the woodpecker for this one.” I’d be so scared that I would probably bolt right out of there.

Thankfully, the dentist didn’t use that woodpecker thingy, but what ever he did use, well I think it was made by Jackhammer Incorporated. Cuz it was paaiiiinfulll!!!

Although there was no surgery, just some extraction of whatever food particle was stuck in my moral, I’d hate to think what would have happened had there been. I almost cried as is and don’t think I would have stayed dry eyed.

Now I am gonna be doped up on medication for a few days and hopefully the swelling will go down and I can get back to my wanton eating ways.

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