Winter Angst

A road in Karachi under Foggy conditions

It winter time here in Karachi. And it’s getting cold. And I mean really cold. Temperature has already dropped to below 10 C once or twice. That might not be much for some, but for us Karachiites it’s a lot.

Although winter is not a long season in this city, it still exists and that is where the argument starts. A lot of people living in Karachi, feel, no believe that it does not get cold. They don’t wear winter clothing. They turn on the fan or air conditioner in their offices and generally ridicule those people who are actually normal and feel cold, thereby dressing accordingly.

I hate those people with all my heart.

They will show up at a party or event in just a shirt and pant. Or if the event is in the day, they will wear a t-shirt with nothing else on top. These are the people that spend most of their time in air conditioned rooms. their office has it, their car has it, their home has it. when they go out, they go to air conditioned restaurants.

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