The Reason I like Books

It feels good to read.

I like to read. And I like to write as well. I dont get to do the latter often; I try to though. Now ask anyone and they will tell you that in order to write better you should read a lot. Well that’s what I do, but I do have one flaw. I cannot read non-fiction. and I cannot read or rather fininsh self help books; or any kind of book that is trying to teach you something or explaining a concept. I start reading and then at some point I lose interest and the book remians unread. That is part of the reason why I did not do so well in school. Although I read all the books, I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to understand what was being said in thoses books. Having a short attention span did not help and I just stumbled through school and college and finally University. I did reasonably well in University mostly because other things like presentations, reports and assignments had weightage in the overall grade as well as the standard exam.

But given all that, I still like books; and I will continue to like books. It’s because books are the easiest form of entertainment and relaxation. Plus you can use your imagination to interpret the writer’s words in anyway you want. You can’t do that in movies and you can’t do that in most video/computer games.

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