Brand Loyalty

I was reading this article about Gamification on Mashable and it got me thinking about How brands (I am using the term loosely here) use different things to attract and retain customers. The concept of brand loyalty is not new, but there is a debate about whether it exists or not.

Here is my take on it. Take friends for instance. You stick with them because you know them and you are comfortable with them, you don’t really change your friends if they are not available when you want them to be. But brands can be friends too. However, you can change brands when one is not available or when it stops satisfying you or disappoints you. I would like to stick with one thing and not change. I want to build a relationship. But I can’t be the only one; the brand also needs to want me to build a relationship with itself. From grocery shops and restaurants to individual products like soaps, shampoos, clothing, juices, etc. I have no attachment to any brand, even though I might be using several for a number of years. And since there is no attachment, I switch easily when I get a better choice.

So why don’t brands want to make friends?

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